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Home to Dubois

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2 days of ridding, 2 days to play in the Black Hills and another day of ridding to Dubois



That is a lot of flat country and straight roads, a bit like our outback. Nicely done Valerie.

Dub I think your outback is more rugged. Defiantly hotter. It only gets around 105F in the summer

Valerie, you went through a different part of Nebraska than we did, but it looked the same(nothing there). The WY part was good scenery. Liked the music as wel

Yes a lot of flat boring straight roads. That is why I prefer to stay home in my protected curvy hill roads around Medford. Only drawback is none of you tend to come and visit me except Wayne.

Cool little vid. Nicely done Val.

Glad you made the effort Val, it was really great to meet you.

It was good meeting all you guys, I had a great ride. I'm like Randy If I dont drive cross country no one comes to see me, LOL

Wow! Val. 1684 miles or 2710 Klms. Well done.

Thanks Terry. That is only the ride there. It does not count the miles I put on when I was in South Dakota. I put on another 500mi sight seeing in the Black Hills. I love it there and if I could afford to I would move there. But alas as in many cases finding the work I love in the area I like with the pay check I need just does not all come together, LOL

That's how it normally goes Valerie

I will add up my miles when I get home.

You win Steve, lol

No fair. He flew and used a car. Lol

But still covered a lot of miles

No Shit!!!

NICE video VAL.

OMG, what a long travel to see nothing but the same straight road for miles and miles...

It was worth it Gert to meet up with the others. They are great people.
There is so much of the US that is open that no matter where you live you have to cross open areas like this to get to the other side of the country

Valerie, that isn't even the country, most states have wide open long miles of road in them to just get to a few good scenic spots.

True that

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