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Hwy 49 From Boerne to Bandara

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Great day to get out and play


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we are finally going to get some sun this Saturday and to be around 70 and I have to work. we have had 100 days in a row of measurable rain at least some time during the day since mid Oct. Jan we had almost 10 inches of rain. Our average for the year is only 13 inches. As they say, be careful what you ask for. Mother Nature doesn't seem to know moderation.

Looks like a perfect riding day.

It definitely was

Looks to be a good ride Val. Good tunes too.

Always good when they sign isn't it Val? It's a lost of money to pay tickets!!!

Great ride and the most beautiful weather...

Down around San Antonio, good tunes. Looks like a good day to ride, for sure.

Twas a great ride for sure

Great road, great music, great state. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen was the Denny's sign after crossing out of Mattamoros into Brownsville. Did you go to the Texas World's Fair? I was in San Antonio at the time.

No Edwin. I did not move down here till 96.
I would not suggest going into Mexico now. The boarder towns are very dangerous.

South of Mexico was a bit sketchy.

The angels were watching you.. Nice little ride

Looked like fun! Glad it is warming up for you guys.

I think your smiley face at the end says it all...great day, great ride, happy biker!

Yep yep Smiley-laughing

You ride the road like you own it Val . Great weather great music , the Doobies , love em . Nice to get out and just ride !

For the taxes I pay I may own it. LOL

I know the feeling Valerie

Great day to get out and play ... and you certainly did Val. Thanks for taking us.

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