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I did get out!

Not much of a video but just wanted to tell and show ya all I did get out for a ride again today! Wow 2 days in a I'm smiling this weekend!!!!!! YippieCoolSmileWink Oh what a feeling just to be on the open road feeling the wind in my face. I bet I'm as happy as a dog with his head hanging out the window of a car!




yeee haaa,    great to see u out and about,   I know the feeling, I think my tonue was hanging out when I road(good the bugs are not out yet)  Smiley-laughing

Glad you got a chance to get out & ride again.  Today was 3rd day in a row & I LOVED IT!  Was close to 50f here, except up along the river in the mountain shadows, was closer to 35f!!  WHOOOWEEE  to cold for me, LOL!

Have a great week & ride safe!


looks like a run through the Pineys!  Glad you got out!

SHORT but SWEET!!!!Cool

Nice video............... Now dont go sticking your head out of a window ,  helmet or not !

Looks good.  From what I can see the snow has taken a serious beating.....whooo hooo bring it on sunshine and warm temps!!!  Good to see you got out for a ride.  No more watching the laundry for you....LOL

You bum!!!  Hoping it won't be long for us, can see the blacktop now, just waiting for the snow to melt in the yard so we can get the bikes out!!  Looks like you are having a blast!!

good cilp of ya though!!  hope ya had a good time!

nice lady!

you sure look cool on that bike, glad you were able to ride that day, ride safe pretty lady              Cool

Way to go! Good for you.

Thats awesome! Just got back from vacation, and got my first ride in this afternoon, it wasn't long but it was sooooo goood! Hey I think I saw your tongue hagin' out............Cyrus

Good one!
It's starting to feel like the week before Christmas at an elementary school. Everyone is so ramped up & excited (me too!). There's going to be a lot of smiles in the north!

Glad you're finally getting out!


good for you V. didnt get out until this past wed. a little warmer. mid 60's. it felt real good

thats nice,i rode today,gonna be nice for a couple of days,next week maybe 70 deg,i hope

Well done girl.  Glad it's starting to happen for everyone over there.

Hello from FRANCE

Wow spring is sprung and everybody is getting their leg over and screwing the gas open!

Keep the grey coming long and slow

FINALLY VSG!!!!!!!!!Feels good does'nt it? Its April 8  and been ridin for 3 weeks now!...but supposed to SNOW tonite and for a couple days, just a little I hope!!!!!!Cry Be SAFE girl!

short but sweet ,thanks V

Carolyn,  what kind of camera are you using in this video?  I am looking into getting some kind of video equipment for the bike, and don't know much about them.  Thanks.



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