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I hate sitting in line in the heat


I didn't see your lasso, lol. That's the only thing missing. But you sure had them moving

You crack me up Val.

I guess that makes you an official Buffalo Gal.

A new name, Buffalo Val!!! LOL.

U didn't tell me that you had to ride through a buffalo herd to get to Dubois. It's just a good thing there were no tails in the air or you would get to see how fast Gracie can go. They look slow, but aren't.

I got lucky Randy. :}

You did well Val. I know what it's like with live stock on the road.

Real buffalo girl. That was awesome Just like cutting cattle

I'm just glad they did not chase me. It would have been a bit like a welsh pony running barrels

I came awful close to the rear of some of them I remember thinking I wonder if these things kick...

At least you didn't find out if they kick, Valerie

TG!!! That would have hurt like all get out

Buffalo don't kick, they ram you and then when you are on the ground the stomp you to death.

Now that sounds fun.......
I never know what animals kick and which dont. When I was a kid one of my horses got out in spring into the fresh green grass, when I walked out to catch him the dumb shit kicked me. Layed me out.. LOL

Yes horses tend to kick with their back legs. They can rear up and kick with their front legs. And yes they can bite you also. None of our horses ever kicked us but every now and then they would step on your foot inadvertently. Bulls and cows will charge you, mamma pigs will charge you and try to bit you if you're messing with the piglets. Llamas spit on you.

Llamas spit??? And here I thought they looked like such nice animals

Yes they do, and it's an awful smell.

I'm afraid to ask how you know this Bill. LOL

LOL. A friend of mine told me this.

Ok if you say so

If the llama ears go back, back away as they are ready to spit on u


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