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I love trees

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The problem with living in the middle of the country is that you have to drive forever to get to the cool stuff



Being the smartass that I am, the geographic center of the contiguous 48 States is near Lebanon, Kansas.

Kansas is just as bad

Can't speak about Texas, Oklahoma, but Nebraska sucks. Kansas was some better. The tress do look good

Would not go through Nebraska again, lol


Bill, the main reason is the damn wind. It's hell

I guess the panhandle of Idaho and Oregon is not quite so bad. Although I would hate to break down in the middle of nowhere in any of the wide open spaces.

The winds sure do get ya on any of those open areas. And what's the worst is the gusts. A sustained wind is ok but the gusts hit you when your not expecting them and give you a bit of a thrill . LOL

And times like that is when I wish BB King's song, the Thrill is gone would be true.

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