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I'd ride this one. LOL

Watch on Youtube

Russian Hover Bike. Developed to provide mobility for amputees 



I would fall off. I'm no good off the ground

I saw this the other day. So want one. There is one really big problem though. People can't hardly navigate in 2 dimension CONTROLLED driving let alone make it 3 dimension uncontrolled driving. It will be more like flying in the star wars battles just in everyday commuting.

I'm dumb enough to try it

Be sure to get it on video PC so you can review your performance from your hospital bed. LOL

I worked for Empire State Gyrocopter Service at one time. Flying lawn chairs, lol.

Would sure like to try it, but don't know that I want one

Great for Sydney traffic.

Be cool to try one.

I'd try that, looks fun. Just wounder how long a flight is. If you only get 5 min or so on a charge I'd never leave the yard..

I would love to give it a go but if I fell off then I would be an amputee.

Wayne, that may be the safe side of it, don't leave the yard and have artillery shooting down any other flying objects coming your way when you are flying.
Tezza, you are so right, those whirling blades are an issue. Could be like the Ben Hur movie when 2 of them get next to each other. Which ones break and not will decide who continues to fly on while the other crashes.

That's nothing... I fell out of a Helo once, only after it bounced. They only bounce once. I'll be flying in the ultra lite tomorrow if the wind stay calm That thing would be a kick in the rear just keep your legs and hands in tight.

But your not that young anymore. We don't bounce so good when we get older Smiley-laughing

Valerie, we still bounce the same as when younger, it just that we tend to break easier and if so, takes way longer to heal.

Nope .., I'm fatter now so instead of bouncing I just go splat

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