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Impersonate a famous person. Month Contest Video...


OMG That was sooooo funny! I love Mr. Bean!
So much work you put into this. You did great!!!
Thanks for the morning laugh

Ha ha ha ! Smiley-laughing
You are ..... Good ! Lol
I line up behind Valerie !

Amazing how such a quiet man can turn into such a bloody idiot. I feel sorry for your wife. You crack me up Gert. Awesome

A Mr. Bean classic. 5 thumbs up Gert!!!

Good timing with the laughing. There's no telling how much time it took to make this video. Good job

fantastic video better than the original
You've excelled again Gert. Brilliant comedy routine including the laughs. You are number 1 bloody idiot.

That's to much honor Terry, but thanks anyway.... It took me hours to make this damned vid, but once I started I wanted to finish it. I'll think twice next time before I start with a video, that's for sure! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Thanks all for your comments.... and Dennis, don't feel sorry with Simone, I think after 20 years she's kind of used to it!

 photo Jack-Nicholson-lol_zps42118c6c.gif

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

What a performance Gert!!! Gert for Oscar!!!! That´s AWESOME mate! what a acting skills! And combination of Mr. Bean and Louis XVI of France was brilliant!!!

Terry is right - you´re no. 1!

I can only imagine a time you put on editing including sync with original audience laghter... Very well done!!

Excellent!! 10 out of 10!

It is OBVIOUS who will win this month and it is not a Captain

Thanks Randy, but for me, and I'm sure it's also for you, never about winning. It's about the fun thinking what to do this time, making the tapes. I had so much fun doing this, at least most of the time.... I also gave some bad words to be honest, to put the whole damned vid together... about the same words everybody will use when hitting the thumb with a hammer! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

LOL Gert you should post your out takes..... Lol

Lol ! Smiley-laughing
I am with Val on this one !
Post them....c`mon ! Smiley-laughing

Like I did with the umbrella vid, emergency brake?

Yes. That was great!!!

Don't know if you want to see this one Val.... me shouting and frustrated because all what went wrong! LOL

I would I would I would I would ........................... Biggrin

Yes I do. It would be good to see someone other than I yelling at inanimate objects LOL

LOL. That I'd like to see.

Ill think about it..... don't promise anything!!! LOL


Gert, I have meds for people who yell at inanimate objects. LOL

Gert has already posted some out takes. Trying to do Bill's sign off thumbs up. Smiley-wink

I think he threw the wrong bits on the floor. Smiley-laughing

Gert, Rochele gave you 2 thumbs up. Beka gave you 4 paws. Booger didn't vote since he couldn't see it because his sister was in my lap.

Thanks for the votes Rochele and Beka... next time try to stay awake Booger! Smiley-laughing

Booger was awake, he was patiently waiting at my feet hoping his sister would fall off my lap so he could get up there to see what the commotion was all about.

Randy, Isn't there space enough for both? They are not that big, is it? Smiley-wink

I have had both in the lap for a picture, but it takes a fair amount of effort for it. They may not seem that big, but they are full size standard weiner hounds versus the mini weiner hounds a lot of people have. they are around 22 lbs each. And of course there is me, a mini lap.

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