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IMRG Ride & Veteran MC Car & Bikes Show

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Here is my take on the recent Indian Motorcycle Riders Group that Tezza & myself enjoyed to The Veteran MC Sydney Car & Motorcycle Show.
(note: Its long)




Great video Matt. Thanks for capturing some of the ride. I finally get in front of a camera rather than behind.
It was a great day and I can't wait for the next one.

Wonderful vid Matt! Great way you produced this vid, first part only the sound of the bikes and after a few minutes some great music tunes... this way a vid cann't be long enough, is it?

Thanks for the great ride and taking us with you on the show...

Thanks for the comments.
I thought it would be a good mix up Gert as the gopro does pick up some wind noise.
Iam also looking forward to the next one Tezza hope fully some more local Indian owners will join us

Yest Matt. It's surprising how many Indians I see in the Penrith area.

We don't have many Indians here, people wise or bike wise. Yes maybe I should be slapped for that comment. Just my dry humour as Gery puts it. Matt, does your editing program have a mute function in it? The cyberlink program has a mute function that can mute the original sound and allow me to overlay music or voice to it. As Gert puts it, sometimes it is just nice to hear the bikes.

Well done Matt!!

That is well done. I love the car and bike shows all around. I really like the diversity of the rigs there. Looks warm it's 19 F now but the sun is out and no clouds. Stuck n the shop rubbing on my bikes.

Great job Matt.

Nice vid that what Tezza looks like from behind...LOL

Bags & all Dave

I think Tezza needs an Indian jacket, they should've thrown one in with the sale...

Good Value ....
Ride Safe.

Hey Spratty. I'm getting one for our wedding anniversary.

That'll be NICE. What does Julie get?

A week away from Tezza?
Great video Matt!

Who's the lucky ONE

Julie gets a ruby ring for our anniversary.

That'll do it....Congrats on 40yrs.

Well done 40 years is a great thing. Now you both get what each would like.. Happy anniversary

Thanks guys.

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