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Inside Arlen Ness Tip of the Week from Cruiser Customizing


Kyle Bradshaw and Chris Williams of go inside Arlen Ness for a look in the R&D Department, the Showroom, the Museum, and at the newest and best selling Arlen Ness Accessories. 

After and intro with Arlen, Cory, and Zach, Zach takes us through the showroom showing us some of their top sellers. From there we headed to the R&D Department and then to the Service Department. 

We learned about their new Fork Legs, Big Suckers, Mirrors, and Brand New Xenolen LED lights (An Arlen Ness Exclusive). 

A big thanks to Arlen, Cory, Zach, and the Arlen Ness Crew for making this trip a reality. 

Thank you for watching this Arlen Ness Tip of the Week. 

Until Next Week, 

Take Care & Ride Safe

Kyle Bradshaw

aka: Manybikes




I would love to go there myself. Great video.

This tour of the Arlen Ness family motorcycle business was very entertaining.  I had no idea they were out in Dublin, only a few miles away from the CruiserCustomizing headquarters in Livermore.  Right on Kyle!! Thank you for sharing this with us.  And I think I see Chris Williams there with you, riding his red Harley and doing the fly camera work.  Awesome guys!

Yeah I've been there a couple times. Every time I walk through I'm so impressed that I'll make at least 3 visit to each part of the store. Each visit is a little longer and more detailed. Talk about a kid in a candy store.  The staff there are awesome too, spending time to talk to ya and answer all your questions even the ones you might classify a stupid. I highly recommend it!Laughing

I live in Florida and was in California to visit my daughter, son in  law and gandson....My son in law surprised me by taking me to Arlen Ness.  It was truly a grand experience that will never be forgotten.  The bikes are all awesome  and the staff was so friendly and helpful.  Thanks for the tour, it brought back wonderful memories. On my next visit to Califronia, I am going to make it to CrusierCustomizing.Cool

Hey Phil i'm thinkin maybe slot Arlen Ness into the U.S. trip, very awesome. thanx Kyle and the Ness crew

Truly amazing! I only have one Arlen Ness accessory on my Mean Streak - the mini die cast mirrors. Very stylish and attract a lot of comments.  Phil, I agree with Len - should definitley be on our itinerary for 2013 - especially since it is so close to CC HQ.

I have been inside the Las Vegas store.  Spectacular bikes and accessorys, but only for Harleys!  Very disappointing.  Don't aftermarket suppliers know that there are other brands?  My Honda Sabre is every bit as beautiful as a Dyna!  We are buying parts meant for Harleys and adapting them to Hondas!   (If you are thinking "Buy Ameriucan", my Sabre was made in OHIO!)

This is my new bike of the furture, i've been following them with much intensity and I believe these are the bikes of the furture AMERICAN made, so HD lovers can't bark so the pricing is great compared 2 ???? so it has my vote and you can't say HD makes a nastier bike then these guys


Alren Ness has been diving deep into the Metric side of things over the past several years!  They have Big Suckers and mirrors for tons of metrics, and there is more to come! 

Mmmmm....inside Ness's Nest - sweet!

Love the bagger!

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