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inside a Bird

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ran across the video about the engine in the Triumph Thunderbird LT not that I'm going to tackle taking it apart and trying to fix things especially when it requires special tools to remove certain things.




I have removed the seats before and got to the battery to put on my battery tender

I certainly HOPE that the engine running wasn't yours .... it did sound a bit sick and wheezy, not to mention some nasty mechanical noises in there too ...

That is about how the Bird does sound. Rather on the quite side and wheezy but gets way better mileage than any other bike with that motor size.

That was very interesting Randy & it wasn't something you would see on a regular bases so thanks for sharing.

That was a quality info vid for anyone wanting to buy a Thunderbird, would be helpful if all bikes had similar even if you don't work on the motor it is an advantage to know were everything is situated.

Especially when the mechanics start talking about such and such not working etc. Are they pulling your leg and charging you a fortune or it really is that part that has gone haywire.

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