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Iorn Mountain Road


That would be a road to ride on, and it's so pretty there.

We're with Bill. Amazing again Valerie

It really is a fun road but you have to stay on your toes for oncoming traffic as the road is quite narrow

Yeah, that's shows, lol

This is why I like living out west. There are great roads every where out here. Even if they are 3 states away. All the western states have nice twisty roads. All roads are fun on your bike. Great video

Another great riding vid Val. How was the sound going through the tunnel?

My little bike actually sounded like its big brothers!! Smiley-laughing

Those are the types of road where you need three video cameras running and playback all the video just to see what you missed on the ride. They don't allow much site seeing.

Very true

Great piece of road, thanks for that share Val.

Just had to watch again. A fun little ride I bet.

Just gotta do that road here in the next 5 years or so.

you cant fool me thats not texas

LOL. Nope it sure aint

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