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IT FITS!!! ... in the living room

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OMG I can't believe you did that!!! LOL I didn't think it would fit through the door. LMAO

... and now it's your turn Val!!! LOL

You guys crack me up Smiley-laughing

Poor tree. Ibor has no idea what is going on. Poor dog. You have bigger doors or a smaller bike than I

Poor tree??? Why? Next year he can start all new again! what about me? Simone saw the vid a few seconds ago... What about poor me?! LOL

She wont hit you too hard. It's your turn to cook. LOL

Oké, I think we go out and eat something... But this is the last time I made such a stupid appointment with you Val!!! LolSmiley-wink

It's so cute, How could she not want it there. Look you even put a rug to protect the beautiful floor Smiley-laughing

Yeah, that's Ibor's... So I also made really good friends with him today!

LOL I'm so sorry Lol
I'm so glad I don't live close to you at this moment. Smiley-laughing

I'm not that bad! Ugly oké... But I'm really friendly most of the time!

I'm not worried about you, but Simone and Ibor scare the hell out of me... LOL

Next time we have Skype I'll let you a few minutes alone with Simone... I think that will be good! Smiley-wink

I just knew you'd do it!! So how long do you have to do all the housework? LOL. Good thing I live in an apartment. WHEW!!!!!

Don't you have stairs to go to your appartment Bill, that would be a vid! I can tell you, that would be even more exercise as your dancing vid! LOL

Yeah 3 flights of stairs. I could just see it now. LOL. NOT!!!

And no my bike won't fit in the elevator!!! LOL.

Come on Bill... You can try a wheelie in the elevator!!!

Don't do it Bill. With your luck you'd break your neck

I think Simone will notice. Your poor Ibor really did not know what to do. The BIG RED fits very nicely. Well done Gert

It looks right at home there. Just perfecto. I could get the Rebel on the back deck but Rochele would draw the line at bringing it into the house. She would tell me, yes, I'll make you Bloody all right, you idiot. Yes there will be real blood coming from you if you bring that in the house.

I really enjoyed Ibor :
What In Earth is he going to do NOW ???
I`d better stay out of his way !! Smiley-laughing

That's right Arild... You could see on the response of Ibor this wasn't usual!

Castration is on the menu for you when Simone sees that bike in the house

You bloody idiot, Smiley-laughing Trish saw the vid and told me not to even think about it.

Same here Steve... Simone told me the same when I talked with Val on skype and she noticed we talked about our bikes in our living rooms.... It's maybe good you didn't see Simone her face, when I showed her this vid...

Here is a lesson from a Dutchie! Don't ask everything you have planned to do and wait and see what happens when you did!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

... And Dennis, I'm happy to say, I can still count till two!!! LOL

What Gert, 2 legs, 2 arms, - 2 hmmm.......

Can you still count till two Randy? Read Dennis comment!!! Smiley-wink

Who is Reed Dennis? Never heard of him. Must be some famous Dutch

What's it worth to keep quiet Gert?. Smiley-wink

You are a thrill seeker my friend. Smiley-laughing

What do you want Terry? I think your offer is too late, she already saw the vid... and noticed the smell of petrol when she arrived home.... Smiley-winkSmiley-laughing


You´re GOOD Gert! You´re VERY Good!!!! LOL True Bloody Idiot!!!

And as you know I can speak "Iborish"... He was saying "WTF master??? I´ll tell on you to Simone!!!"


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