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It Was a Great Day To Ride, But I Can't Take Roadies Singing


Good video. Was Roadies singing why is was a short video?

He was making me crazy!!!! Who the Hell ever taught him that song needs to be lashed....
I try to keep my vids between 3 and 4 min. Sometimes I run long or short but that's the goal

LMAO. Yeah I would like to have mine around 5 minutes. But I'll work on it

It's very hard sometimes to cut them down....
You should have seen me trying to get my trip to KeyWest condensed into less that 4 min.... LOL

That sounds it would be impossible

It was tough but I did it. I just wish I had had the editor I have now. I could have made it better

And now he was only singing...... Don't let him dance, while drinking and dancing!

Nice ride Val! You really live surrounded by great roads to ride!

Yes there is some nice scenery, but the road surfaces leave a lot to be desired

Is it that bad? Haha.... We all are like normal human beings!! We complain if the roads are bad, but also when they are working on the roads to make them better!!! Smiley-winkSmiley-laughing

Yes we do Gert

That is true Gert. We are just never happy..

If that was Roadie singing on the vid, it sounds like he got a pair caught in something that is not letting go. I am so missing the sunshine here. That is the problem with winter in Medford, we see the sun once about every 7-14 days.

Randy, his are in a jar....

Biggrin Nice comments ! Thanks for the Ride, Val . Music was .... eh .... well .... ! Smiley-wink

It was Roadie singing. What can you expect

LOL ! Biggrin

Well his voice would have been a lot lower had he not had his Testicles removed

Yes but the song would still make me crazy...

Nice ride Val, I wonder if this would fit Roadie? If it does it may keep him from singing.

Yes she will have to use that versus the duct tape. The duct tape will be considered animal abuse. There is case floating around facebook about an owner who did that to a her dog.


your in texas right?
if I move there do they make a cowboy hat helmet,ha
wish I could take a ride without traffic,ha

Yes Texas. I bet you could get one made

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