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Jan ride #2

Watch on Vimeo

Riding through the park..



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Bet it's busy there during spring to fall.

You would think so but it is mostly empty. Untill the boat races. Then there is about 40,000 people standing around the place.

Sweet! I remember walking past the boat sheds when we stayed at Clover Island.

That would be fun watching the boat races.

These boat are unlimited speed hydro planes They manage to get to 150+ mph. Then there are the limited boats whitch only get to about 75-100mph. Take a look. If you have never seem these they are quite the site. I only lind 1 block from the river where the races happen.

Now that's what I call a nice ride. But at the time on the video, there's no traffic. Everyone must still be on holidays.

They are at WORK !! I don't do that any more. I play..

What about the road in the early stages - Wow, so many Tar Lines to contend with - Not good on a Wet Day with suspect tires on the bike ... Sheeeesh !!! Could be a bit scary ... Hope 'The GUZZ' is going good for you ....
Ride Safe ...

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