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July Vid Contest

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Hi all long time since I have been here. Its Jacket time!


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You and Gert have quit a selection of jackets. You got quit a workout getting tem on and off.

That's a fashion show I've never seen before Dennis!

You mentioned the number of jackets I have but.... WTF, you have nearly about the same and I don't understand why? Why would somebody have that number of jackets when it's above 20 degrees all year around?!

Nice work out Dennis.... I think you don't go out jogging that often anymore is it? LOL

Nah jogging is overrated do a few jacket on jacket off is enough for me. Thanx guys for the comments, its been a while since I have made a bike vid and the computer is playing up cleaning it out this week like reformat and new operating system

Gees Dennis, you and Gert must be having a jacket contest. I've never seen so many as you guys have.
Good to see you in your bloody idiot glory making videos again.
Top job.

Nice show and workout Dennis !
Do ya allways throw the jackets on the floor when undress ? LOL
Ending was GOOD ! Favorite !! ?

Nice one Dennis , although you are messier than my sons.

Great job Dennis.
I am amazed at all the jackets you guys have!! Never thought I'd see the day a man had more stuff than the women I know

True Valerie as I think I have more jackets than my wife, but when it comes to shoes and I have a fair amount of those also she has more.

And you said Gert had too many jackets... WTF!!! Your just as bad. LOL. Glad you haven't changed... Still a Bloody Idiot.

Dennis you bloody idiot how many jackets do you need. LOL. Nice moves for an old fart.

Good to see you back.

I like to have a jacket specific to occasions. Im back and im lovin it.

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