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With up to nine inches of snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, and no bike riding for sure, here's a contribution to keeping the site active. In this video, I am flying a 1963 Beech Debonair N711VG. It is the Beech airplane in the center as we board up on the ramp for our flight demonstration.




Nice flying ! I didn't think one of those could stunt. Nice loop.

We get that snow Saturday night.

Yeah, CAPT. the Beech Bonanzas have been in production since 1947 with very little structural modifications. The last of V-tail models rolled off the line in the early 1980's. The airplane in the video that did the loop and barrel roll is a T-34 which is also made by Beechcraft, same wings (airfoils) as the Bonanza. Though not much advertised for liability reasons, the Bonanza is capable of aerobatic maneuvers with the exception of the V-tails. Smiley-laughing

My brother's father in law flew in WWII and rode with him on a Twin Beech. He put it though its paces. I can tell you more when I see you this June.

CAPT. looking forward to seeing you in June. The snow started here at noon and already 4 inches on the ground. The latest forecast is calling for 11 to 13 inches of snow now. Our weather is the lead story on the Weather Channel. My family and I are all set to be home for the rest of the weekend so I will probably post another flying video later. Smiley-laughing

Great Stuff ... Some good memories for you there ....and how about the Snow Forecast around a Foot of Snow to come ... That is a Very Good reason to be Indoors for sure ...
Cheers & Ride/Fly Safe ...

Snow in any amount puts people in the Washington DC Baltimore area in a panic. I wouldn't get near a grocery store now on a bet. They have already painted the roads with a salt solution of some kind. Were only expecting 4-5 inches. got to love it !

Sorry to hear TG about the snow and no riding but I have enjoyed your vids of flying. Well done, what a buzz. Some people only wish they could do that. Hope the weather improves for you all.

Looks like way more fun than I was having back then.

That was a cool video TG. You get to enjoy things on two levels. On the ground and above the ground.

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