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Just passing by.....

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A short video shot Jan 11 2014; a chilly day in Oklahoma.


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Nice riding vid Alex and a great soundtrack!

Thanks for sharing.

That's a nice vid Alex, thanks for sharing!

Alex you should have headed out west a little bit and meet up in the middle!

Awesome video.

I will, Greg, for sure. I'll head your way this spring sometime. I need to set up enough time out of City Hall. I have a trip north planned, but I intend to take several daytrips or overnights this spring.

City Hall? Is that where the jail is? Just kidding. Cold little video.

Very funny Chris! No, I may have forgotten to mention that I'm the mayor of my town. Now, in the past, yes, it would have been the jail! But now, the police work for ME. Funny how things change....

Lol that's cool Alex! So what do I need to do to get a key to the city?!
Look forward to the spring.

WELL THEN....HUMMM. Never befriended a mayor before. Maybe if me and Greg and a few others show up we'll get preferential treatment eh? Just kidding brother. But we will take it if its offered Hint Hint.

No worries, guys. I think I only have one "Key to the City" left; but I CAN proclaim "biker day" if you come to town; it would make a great photo op! (..and Chris, yeah, I'll take care of ya!) Seriously, we could ride to Quartz Mountain Park about an hour south of here.. old indian grounds... pretty nice. Or Route 66, for that matter!

Like that idea.

Sounds like a plan for Biker day proclamation from Mayor Alex!!

A mayor Whom is a biker!
Yeah only in the US of A!
And a biker day proclaimed by the Man himself,wish i could ride with you guys out there!(sigh)

Come on Anton get down here!!

Anton if you come, you'll want to stay so be prepared.

That's right! Hell just move the whole family out here!

Alex, I had hoped to come over some time to go for a ride but had not thought of going to OK. A bike riding, guitar playing, band member, Town Mayor might just be worth the deviation. Whilst I have been to OK, I never got as far south as Cordell.

Sounds like we need to put Cordell, OK on the map. Make it into the next Sturgis. On 2nd thought, you're in tornado alley and I've had my one and only bad ass run in with a horizontal dust devil. Don't plan on repeating it.

Randy I have lived heremost of my life and still haven't been harmed by a tornado yet! Come on out!

We can outrun any old windstorm! We've got Route 66, old sites like the one in my first photo.... now it sounds like I'm just a tourism promoter... but I'm serious about the proclamation!

i have had my share of thunderstorms and tornadoes in South Dakota, I don't live there any more. The guardian angels saved my once from 100mph + horizontal winds that slam blasted me off the road almost 5 months ago. Will be very careful not to repeat that one. May not live the 2nd go around.

That's what I'm talkin bout. I forgot to mention that MS's current governor is a rider. Has a Harley and actually rode over a hundred miles from the capital to the gulf coast for a cancer benefit ride. Only in America. Shoot I'm ready to go to N Texas and OK now.

Alex I do the same thing telling people about all the cool stuff here to see and do. Chris we are north on the map but actually called West Texas. Go figure. Anyway lets go and get Bikers day started!! LMAO

@ Glenn & Greg,if My whole family would agree i would in a heartbeat, but i'm not sure Texas is ready for us! LOL!

You'll fit in in no time bro!

you should know that the statue of Liberty welcomes all Antone. Some Americans may frown on those coming up from the south, but the Dutch, I don't think you have much to worry about. They more than likely say I have never heard of that place, Therefore claim Amsterdam and then they might know.

Heck I don't frown on the ones from the south as long as they come legally and work for a living. Antone, Texas is ready for anything. Seriously.

See that's what I'm talking about! Hell bro you may even wanna trade in the clogs for some cowboy boots! Lol
Anything is possible.

But they gotta B snakeskins! LOL!

Nothing safer as good made wooden shoes Gregg!!!

Come get em Anton! I can get you a good deal on some snake skins but I think you would be happier with gator or elephant!

Tried the wooden shoes on the bike and didn't work to well Gert.

Elephant skin realy? LOL

It's a bit thick skin........ Elephant skin....... Isn't it?

Tough as nails.

Yup I love a good elephant boot. Bought my son a pair for Christmas and they are almost indestructible!

I don't claim to be a geography or history nut by any means, but I don't seem to remember in elephants roaming around in Cordell, OK, a lot of rattlesnakes probably but elephants? gators?? Come on there is no water there for em to live in. It's getting deep, thus will go put on my "cowhide" boots, where the cowhide probably came from OK.

Randy you are correct there! No gators or elephants here because we killed them all off for the boots!! Lol

I'm just talking about quality on the boots. Snake is to hard to take care of and if not done right the scales DRI up and start to curl! Then they are rough and ugly!!

Bought my wife an elephant skin hand bag a few years ago when we were in Thailand. She loves it, but at times hates it because of the thought that Dumbo may have died to make it.

Lol! Tell her Dumbo died for a good cause! To carry all of her necessities!!

the mammoths migrated before the bering strait broke and the gators only got as far as Louisiana and Florida, so I think. The rattlers said it is just to dang far to crawl, thus stayed put when all the rest of the animals started migrating away.

HUGGGGHHH? Stop Randy. Your making my head hurt.

Sorry Chris, here I thought you were going to tell me I was full of it. Which could be the case since I didn't check the facts on Wikipedia. LOL

No Randy. I don't like snakes. Snakes are evil bitches.

The only snake that is still alive in the wild (which you never see) is the adder ........... 60 cm, more like a giant worm! But I don't like snakes!

I don't care for them either, Saw my share of rattlers growing up. We have had a few rattler bites come through the hospital. The really asinine thing about all of them, none of them were accidental walk by strikes. They were all people trying to pick one up, the majority being drunk at the time. One was trying to kiss his "pet" rattler. Idiots, should have said we were out of snake venom and let them suffer the consequences and the Good Lord sort it out.

You must work in the ER. My wife does and she has the exact same view of dumbasses.

We DO have a lot of rattlers and some pretty big snakes out here... last fall I came upon one that reached all the way across the road (2 lanes) when he straightened out... I did not stop to pick it up or kiss it. I got the h*ll out of there!

Copperheads, Cottonmouth Moccasin, and Southern Timber Rattlers are pretty bad around here as far as Venomous snakes. Lots of Garder, and Chicken snakes everywhere. The Chicken snakes grow on average about 7 foot long and love to hide in shops and old barns looking for mice. Will scare the shit out of you.


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