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No back roads today, Just some side roads


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Nice little get away. Good weather too.

Nice to get out and about Val,

Fresh air in your face and the feeling of freedom whatever ride you are going for Val! And this are good roads and nice to watch around so nothing wrong with abride like this is it?!

Nice little vid, thanks for the ride!

Thanks Val
I really needed that ride.

welcome Matt

Just got back last night from interstate for two weeks by car and just watched your video Val.
You've eased my riding withdrawals.

Happy to help Terry

Someday I'll get around to making some vids. Too many projects going on. Working on my old Subaru Baja body and detailed it. Can't decide to sell it or return it too my daughter. It has 223,000 miles on it. Reseeded the front yard, thus watering it often. Also got addicted to a new hobby, knife throwing.

That’s about 300.000 km and that’s a lot, but a subaru can do a lot Randy.

Knife throwing!!!! Crap I'm going to have to behave!!!

Haha... finaly Val!!!! LOL

Valerie behaving, who's kidding who. The professionals throwers make it look so flippin' easy. They couldn't pay me enough to have stand there or be spun in a circle while they are throwing.

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