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Kill or let live...

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That's just too funny, great job!!!!


Poor Roadie!!! You should have given him a beer after all that

Don't know that I'd live after that CPR. lol

IF the hanging did not get him the CPR sure should have. Nice little video guys. Just have to keep Roadie inline.

Allen, he may not have lived
Valerie, I didn't know that giving a beer was part of CPR basics. I thought B was for breath and NOT beer

... and I thought R is from smoke (Rook!!!) in Dutch!!!

30 compressions and 2 breaths guys......and don't stop until "PROFESSIONAL" Medical aid shows up.
But whats the story on having to hang him in the first place? Or is it like the "Kenny is dead" kinda deal where Kenny dies every day?

A= airway
C= circulation

Now that I think about it, maybe I don't want to ride with you guys cuz a guy might just get whacked ???
But then again, the three of you skinny guys could not string up my 230 pound carcass...LOL....

Roadie was told to stay out of Marek's liquor and didn't thus to be punished

You Guys ! Smiley-laughing
I am more curious about what kind of joint did you wake him up with Gert !
Looked like Randy nearly blacked out having a go at Roadie after the treat you gave him ! Lol !

Yes Arild they almost needed to do CPR on me after inhaling Gert's cig smoke from Roadie. U know I'm a non smoker

Why Roadie doesn't have PTSD from all the things that happen to him it's a wonder. Maybe why he drinks the way he does.

No Capt he was a drunk even before all this

Randy, I know exactly what you mean. Lol
Good you made it without the CPR ! Smiley-laughing
Well Home again ?

lucky for him he did not get my bottle of Aquavit open or he would never seen Sweden.

He has a slight drinking problem is an understatement.

Amazing what some green leaf smoke will do. Ressurected from the dead. How could you do that to my friend

They killed him.
Then they realized: OMG!!! ACTUALLY we LOVE him..!
So.. WELL ...Sorry guys... The THING is still ALIVE!!!

(and I´m happy about that)

Only if he stays out of my "famous grouse"other wise Booger gets to tear his stuffings out

He don`t care about your Jim Beam (me up Scotty) american "WHISKEY"!!! LOL
Famous Grose is a proper SCOTCH ... WHISKY ( proper spelling)


Laphroaig!!!! Remember the best!!!

I have figured out how to drink your Irish or Scottish whisky, mix it 1 part of it with 2 parts of Jim Beam honey

You're such a sweet guy Randy!!! LOL. It's all good, as long it has a sweet taste!!! LOL

The sweet taste with a bit of the smokiness is a really beautiful mix.

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