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Last Sunday morning ride

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A short vid from my Samsung S9+ , obviously I need a bit more practice I think , I cut off heads . It lost a bit of size on the transfer from my phone to YouTube . I'll work on that .
Hey tezza , I kind of worked it out !!! .


Own Video: 




Good on you Nobby.
Try not to video in vertical with a mobile.

Nice. I understand Nobby who want's to look at grey headed old farts.

True Raymond. We all know who we are. Smiley-laughing

I don't think I did tezza ..

Some are better looking than others Ray ...

The bikes show who's who.

Your all having fun , Nice Video to..

Hey Bill , I think they all look pretty good to me ............. the bikes I mean !!!!!!!!

Hey Wayne , we usually do have a lot of fun and a great ride is a bonus ..

LOL, Mike.

all of the pros started somewhere down on the bottom. Now we know what women keep complaining about, hey my eyes are up here.

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