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Late Afternoon Ride

Watch on Vimeo

When it's too hot to ride, wait until the afternoon when the temperature starts to drop and you can travel to your nearest mountain areas.



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You sure look GOOD on that INDIAN. Nice ride too..

Thanks Wayne. I love my Scout.

Interesting how the slight vibration is not really noticeable during the daylight hours but the evening hours it becomes noticeable. I have yet to ride during the night out on open roads. All of my night riding is in town on the Rebel. Around this area I would consider it very risky as we have way too much wildlife moving about. Deer, elk, black bear, cougars.

Glad you guys got out!

Sorry I missed the ride Tezza but I went to my grand daughters performance of GREASE musical at Qudo's Arena and didn't get home till 5pm. Would of went otherwise. The late afternoon rides are great we should do more of them when it's that hot.

Nice video. You chased your shadow for awhile. We haven't seen much of the sun around here. Nice tunes as well

Sometimes those late evening rides are more enjoyable. I rarely travel at night, like Randy, too much different wildlife.Glad you guys got out.

If we had ridden the reverse way then there would have been concern about wildlife.

Another great video mate.

Thanks Michael.

Always a great time to ride and another fine production.

A full moon night ride is another great time to get out as well.

So tonight would be the best time because it's a blue moon.

11pm tonight I think.......zzzzzzz

I'll wake you up Steve. Smiley-wink

One of my favorite runs is Mount Vic via The Bells Line Of Road.

Great Video and music Terry ! Thanks !
Still three months till I`m in the seat ... but time flies ! Smiley-laughing
Take care !

Nice ride - better having your shaddow in front of you than riding into that westerly SUN .... Well Done Terry ..

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