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learning sign language

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just a brief snippet from a ride several weeks back


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Learning those signs good Randy. LOL.

what did you say I have a hard enough time with basic english

Valerie, depends on who's dictionary, the thumbs up could be saying I'm a facebook fan, like me or in my instance, yes I'm liking the ride, here's to you Bill, the first finger and pinkie with thumb, was to be hawaiian "cool, hang loose". the rest, were OMG I forgot my lesson, oh crap, get out of here. Enough of this. Focus on the road.

Damn I didn't understand any of that were you just stretching your fingers

Could have been that too Dennis.

You lost me Randy. Smiley-wink

In swedish what you said was:

"...Ha-ha-ha suckers... I`m not saying anything. Just fooling you guys!"...

What the F... did you say Randy?

Maybe I did say what the F. I don't know. LOL

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