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LEDs on my Roadstar chopper

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So the cagers will stop trying to kill me...


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That looks cool Paulie.

nice add on to the beast.

Looks great. I wish we could do that here. The local police don't take too kindly to it

looks ok but I love the sound

Beachy: its loud as hell and draws attention everywhere it goes, and I had these same lights on my other bike. I've never been stopped, for this or anything else. After my "near death" crash last year, I don't care. Staying alive is more important than any ticket I might have to pay.

I couldn't agree more Paulie. I think I might out some on my bike but on an isolation switch so I can turn them off if I see the law

Looks great Paulie , terrific look and sound, yes we are way over policed here in this country, I'm just waiting to see what attention my vest will bring, now it's patched out...

I think it looks great. It's not allowed in Holland, so when you make a ride with all that neon light the police will give you a ticket and let it remove for you if you can't do it by yourself.......


Beachy, these have remote switch to keep in my pocket.

I may have to look into it a bit more Paulie!

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