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Lightmode Helmet

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Cool looking setup for night-riding!



Tron eat your heart out, looks cool

That is a cool setup. Wonder where you can get one and what the cost is.

Why has it taken this long to see this in helmets ,I like it . The cost is the issue

Took the words right out of my mouth Spratty. Very cool.

That´s interesting.... But..... I´m sure it costs huge money....

Less than a hundred dollars marek ,it comes in a kit that you install on your own helmet

Is there any install video of it?

P.S. 100 $ is much money to me anyway...

It comes with a CD and I just checked its $69

My glow in the dark flames where a third of that price. Now if they could make that flash a message like get off the frickin phone then I might get it.

From safety point, that's great for me, but I'm afraid that it is not EU compatible (not approved here).
And really, I'm chopper rider who prefers sun and not moon.

look good but don't think it would work on a flip face helmet either

I'm good with anything that makes me more visible at night. Would like to see it in person before getting one.

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