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Little detour south

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Filmed on Hwy 5A in British Columbia, Canada. About 340km east of Vancouver.


Own Video: 





Nice vid. I love thie pines, They smell so good. Wish I could have Texas weather and the things I grew up with in the same place

Looks like a nice ride. Val, The Today Show showed San Antonio at 100F. Those temps are illegal in Canada.

Everything is illegal in Canada

Some excellent George Thorogood to go with a beautiful ride!

It's very beautiful going that way.

Great little video.. I was up in Alberta then..

Awesome vid Dave. You guys owned the road which had great scenery and nice curves.
Thanks for the ride.

C’mon, Val, not EVERYTHING is illegal here. We’d probably even let you into the country!

Gee thanks Derk, but what do I do with my side arm

Leave it at home Val. You won’t need it here

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