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Look Twice Save A Life

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This ride was scheduled in May. May is motorcycle awearness month in the US. It rained in May so they reschuled it for this past weekend. Wasn't a long ride but an important one as it was to help bring awearness to cagers towards motorcyclist. Not sure how much money was raised for this program, as I have not heard yet


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Nice little ride Hope it works. I had to kick a door today while on the bridge. DAM guys on the phones

That's what this program is supposed to do make cagers a wear of us on bikes

Mate great video and fantastic song to go with it. Never heard that song before

this type of event needs to be in the movie theaters when people are slowly filing in. then again have of them are on the cell phones and not paying attention until the movie comes on.

Even if it makes a couple of cagers aware of motorcyclists then the ride has done a big part.
Nice vid and tune.

Thanks everyone

Thanks Allen! Smiley-laughing
Well done !
A nice and well made little video with the perfect tune ! Smiley-laughing
Important stuff !
Wayne, good youre ok ! F#### idiots !

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