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Look what's emerging in Japan!

Watch on Youtube

Saw this via a BMW car site of which I'm a member, and was excited to see the development of a new cruiser!   The video is nested in a couple of places, like http://ignite6./en/ and at  where there is also an article in English about it. 

If this is a duplication of a post let me know and I"ll remove it.  I don't think I've seen this here on CCC yet.  Very interesting for us I think.



Thanks for posting Skeep. I was wondering what you were on about!

I'm thinking to myself that the 1600 GTL has been around for a few years now ... is Skeep just behind the times? LOL. Then the punchline comes at about 2 minutes. That would be a thunderous cruiser to ride. Even though there are bigger cruiser motors than the GTL's 1650 CCs, none have it's technology or raw grunt (118kW/160hp;175Nm/129lb/ft) ! Would be quite something if BMW entered the cruiser market with a bike based on the GTL and its in-line 6 cylinder motor!!

I think he junked it myself

LOL was an interesting R&D process. I'm working on my safety stuff Peter, always trying to stay ahead of the timelines I set for myself...whew!

Mark .... Godzilla was the inspiration!!

Peter , yes for the MT-01 lol

A bit different!

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