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Lost Creek revisited, part 1

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Perfect day for a ride on April 3, thus rode up to Lost Creek Resoirvor to see how the snow melt run off was progressing.  Yes Phil, I said snow.  It was a 75 mile round trip enjoyable riding on some nice curvy roads.  If I had continued above Lost Creek another 30 miles I would have seen snow along side the road.  A bit further from that is Crater Lake National Park which has around 10 feet currently at the visitor's center.  As you notice, 3 cameras, 3 different angles.


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Great Blue skies. Looks much warmer than it probably is

Three different camera's, all used during one ride on different positions on the bike... That's a nice way to use your cameras Randy. I didn't notice big differences between the cameras as they all give perfect clear views. Like Val commented, clear blue sky but maybe it's just like here, blue sky but still not so warm...

Well done Randy.

The temp was just right, around 55 - 60 degrees. Minimal wind.

Certainly was a perfect day. I liked your 3 camera setup. Great vid.

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