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Luggage rack Finished

Just something I made cause I could not find any that I liked.



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Hi Wayne (scruffy) -
You have done well - Looks good - Question though - Are you going to 'Fill IN' the Flames ???
It would look good maybe with the flames a solid theme - Maybe some 3mm Alloy plate or something - You have given me ideas now .... I am still going to make myself a radiator grille later on and NOW possibly a Carry Rack - I like working with Alloy Sheet & Plate - it is rewarding and versatile - lite weight and looks good polished ...
Steel Frame with alloy plate bolted to it for the Top section .... Hmmmm Thanks mate for the GREAT IDEA - AS Long as it is functional is all that matters really ... isn't it ? Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe -
frostbite (Greg)

I was just going to pin strip the flames to set them off a little. The Indian will be something else. I have started on some Arrow head designs so I'll see how they turn out. The mounting on it will take a little more engineering I think. Rear seat attaches under and to the main seat. Then one small bolt at the rear.

Hey it is all good when a person does/makes their own stuff - A Sense of achievement and really makes it personal input for sure - Unique extras - time, effort & devotion ... Great Therapy - almost as good as riding .... I did say ALMOST .... Smiley-laughing
Good on ya Wayne - Hey what Altitude are you living at ? The country around your area looks not too dissimilar to around here at 1000m - 1100m in the area known as the 'Monaro' - Sheep & Cattle country here ....
Cheers - Ride Safe - Keep on Modding ...
frostbite (Greg)

Looking good Scruffy.

Frostbite: We are at 430 ft. This is a desert which only gets 3-5 in of rain a year. It is 90% agriculture here and the DOE Handford site. Which is where they made the Plutonium for the two Atom Bombs that hit Japan in WW 2. Now they are trying to clean it up. Plus this was the big weapons and material site for the Pacific war against Japan. Still lots of old military stuff around here.
Thanks Bill

Nice work. The flames match the seat.

Now I see how you flamed it to match the stitching in your seat. Maybe I should have you design a flying eagle one to put on my Bird, but then again, never know when I might need the pillion seat and I like my trunk.

Looks good Wayne. Great job

Thanks guys..

Good job Wayne.

I am working on one for the Indian now. I have a drawing of what I would like it to look like. amade the mounts for now.

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