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M109R Dyno Runs

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I got my M109R on the dyno today. best run was 114.7 hp at the wheels and 90.1 lbs ft of torque. Considering Suzuki specs are 125 HP at the engine I think this is a pretty decent outcome. Now for the fine tuning.


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Are you using a fuel controller and what type? How long was the dyno tune?
I will be doing mine next month and they need it all day with a full tank of fuel.

Terry I have a Gman industries Bully controller. It still needs fine tuning tho. I think it is running a bit rich and there is a bit of starvation around 3500 that we will address later. Considering I don't get much over 3000 at cruise there is plenty in reserve. The runs only took around 1 hour all up but we had to set up the dyno for a bike as well. This dyno does everything from bikes to prime movers. The full tank is probably so you have fresh fuel and extra weight. If they are remapping then that might take some time with smaller dynos. This dyno is one of the best in Australai

You can just ask for my trimmer and I'll borrow it!!! For a few seconds I thought you become as bald as I am!!! Lol

That's great to see Adrian, I've seen them doing it with a car but never with with a bike to be honest. How does it feel sitting there and give the bike full power? I think the result is fantastic!

It's a bit unnerving Gert. The bike is secured well but considering we were doing 160kph in 3rd gear you wonder if the supports will hold

Do they do the dyno in a wind tunnel? Smiley-wink

All hell would break loose if they did let go Beachy, so thank goodness they didn't. Did you feel you were going nowhere fast...

No Tezza they have big blowers in front of the bike for cooling. Messed up my hair!
Sure did Spratty, I kept wanting to use the front brake to slow down

I thought it was to eradicate your gas expulsions. Smiley-wink

Is it normal they'd let the owner ride the bike when doing the dyno?

I'm sure they left the garage door open so if you break loose....... Smiley-laughing

Spratty that is at my work

Fringe benefits of the job! Smiley-laughing

Oh silly me...

Now you can do mine Beachy.


Puring like a kitten mate, sounds great, you'll have no trouble getting to Broken Hill with that and making good time as well. Hope Annie can keep up.

160km in third?? I don't think so Ray!! Smiley-wink

Hopefully a little more tweaking later Wayne so it will be interesting to see what that one comes up with.

Annie can easily keep up Ray, at that speed her fingers would be embedded in my sides

WOW very cool mate did my 103 about 1.5 mnths ago and got 11 more h/power lol top of 84 lol......

Do you think a Dyno could get the Bird doing better than 55 mpg? Would be nice if I could get 55 mpg at 80 mph instead of having to ride at 55-60 mph to get 50-55mpg. Still get 40 mpg at 80 mph. If it is any speedier, I would be in trouble for sure and end up with a speeding ticket. Bad enough already trying to stay in control and riding the speed limit.

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