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Madness... my first season ride. (Version 2)

Watch on Youtube

Should be visable for everyone now... including USA and Canada. Used the same music track I did a few months ago, but WTH... now it works! 


Own Video: 


says "blocked video because of copyrightgrounds"

Sony Music Entertainmen wants your money.

Cool, literally!
Glad you got out mate!
Your narrow roads spin me out. Are trucks allowed to travel those roads? I would imagine any other vehicle would go bush if a truck came along.

Block here as well Gert. Copyright issue

Still you got to ride and that is a good feeling. I wish I could get even a short ride in. the weather is just too cold for me now. The weather man has been lying for the last couple weeks.

Saw it... it’s because of the music track... but YouTube shows it after all the uploading is done and at that time I already had a copy to the site. Canada, some European countries and whole Africa is blocked and some South American countries.... damned YouTube...

Yes Steve, these roads are open for all kind of cars and trucks... just take it easy and most of the time it works, but sometimes it’s not easy to pass...

Should've used Vimeo.

Good onya mate for braving the -4*C for a ride - I'd probably do the same, but I am going to invest in some electricaly heated clothing this coming winter - I love getting out on the sunny days but the wind chill can be as low as -10*C and I ain't going to freeze ever again if I can help it .... should get a good heated system for a few hundred dollars - should last 3 -5 years if treated well and looked after ... good investment for us old fogies ....
Cheers mate - Take Care - Ride Safe ....
PS - Glad you had a good ride Smiley-laughing

yup says blocked

Great vid Gert. You were desperate for a ride when you go out in -4C but you you looked happy when you put your bike away. Did you go in the hot tub and have a couple of adult beverages? Smiley-wink

Terry, Yes I took a hot bath and a few drinks... felt much better, specially after a nice ride!

Terry, watched your video. Good idea. I have about the same on the Yamaha. Didn’t think about the little Honda because normally I use that bike whole winter, so last year I didn’t happen it took about 8 weeks between two rides! But I have to do something with a battery charger for the Honda...

Still can't see the vid but I do know you have a great big smile there. Yes I need to check something out on the Rebel, Rochele had to come and get me last night at work. The Rebel did not want to start and it wasn't even raining.

at least it was a clear blue sky

Can't see it. Blocked.

Bill, I trid Vimeo, but the vid was too big or heavy or how do they call it, so it wasn’t possible to upload on Vimeo. Yes, sure it is, but only if I pay for use for a year, and I don’t want to do that.. next vid I’ll use some old music tracks I already used in the past because than I know it’s visable for everybody... the free musicconfurter os also gone! WTF is happening! It’s not that easy anymore to produce and add a vid as it was before!

That sucks Gert. Well, I'm looking forward to more of your vids.

Ya what bill said.....

Hey bill maybe sweet talk Gert into deleting the music from that video so we can see it. Lol

Yes that is the simple fix, delete the music and I'll supply my own music.

Thx still got power over there? Read on news your getting a big storm. Hey that ride started out nice then it looked chilly on second half. But your grass is still green and not under 2 feet of snow at least!
Thanks for the video Gert.....

Todd, I just arrived home... trees are fallen. I saw two trucks blowen from the highway. Gasoline stations closed on the highway during the storm. I have to see the news about what happened more during the storm. It was just a few hours, but it sure was a heavy storm!

COOL,, you did it again, nice video. It looked like nice temps but -4 that is cold. How did your heated gloves work? Nice ride for you be safe my friend.

Yes, it sure looked like a beautiful day. -4 is a tad cool to ride, but I've done it too.You need a battery tender for your battery.

You pushed even my madness of winter riding. I usually stop at 0 degree as we have so much humidity, rains, etc that can leave icy spots on the streets that never get the sunshine, Even with my electric gloves, about an hour is enough and time to head home and warm up. Thaw out with a nice cup of hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps. Like you say a ride, even very short like 3 miles to work and back home helps to keep the addiction creepies at bay.

Good one Gert, not sure I would be keen to ride in -4C temperature.

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