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Mar.18, 2017

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First ride of 2017 2up. Went to see Brother in laws work friend and the next airplane he's building.


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I realize Airdre is large place but by chance do you know Eric Krautheim? Just taking a shot on this one.....

Nice planes. My brother in law also builds planes ( ultralights) they look just like a two place plane. It's nice to get out I just went on a 3hr ride today.

Gotta hand it to the Canadians They are tough people. You would have to soak me in hot water for an hour to thaw me out after that ride

That's what I would call: "a happy respond on a first season ride!" Well done JJ, but it still seems very cold to me to go for a ride!

Nope, havn't met a Mr. Krauthiem.

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