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May 10 Ride

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I don't think there is anything better you can do returning home from a hard day work to empty your head! Watching you, how you walked through the garage after parking your car, you really needed some fresh air! LOL

How wonderfull to have that free space and beautiful roads just around the corner! Nice vid Val!

And? How is your head and feeling now, returning home from your ride?

Nothing like a good ride to clear your head after a hard days work.

That's the best cure for a day at work. Really like your oval picture in picture. Nice tunes

ditto on that Allen. One does need to quickly forget what is bothering them when going for a ride and enjoy the ride. I just watch a Youtube episode of MCRider and his accident and what he learned about it. He was thinking about things to do and how to get to a concert with his family and didn't notice a car cutting into the space in front of him and then braking hard due to the stop light. Glad you got the ride in.

A good ride is the best stress reliever ever. Good video too

I recognize that tired face and halk after a hard work day Val... And yes - a ride after that (if possible) is the best therapy... I´m so happy for you having great weather and beautiful roads!!!

Keep good work my girl!!!!

I enjoyed your therapy ride Val. I haven't ridden since early March and I still have about 6 more weeks before I'm ready to ride again, so watching yours and other member's videos is my therapy.
Great vid and thanks for de-stressing me. Smiley-laughing

Your welcome Terry

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