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May video contest

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Wow. CHeckout thoes hyway bars !!


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Really nice.Looks comfortable

Oh yea!!! They'll get the kinks out of your knees !

Looks Great Capt!! Nice addition to add to the comfort of your ride

Nice add mate! Hope you made full use of the sunny weather!

You'll enjoy those highway bars and pegs Capt, and now it's sunny weather at last you can give them a much needed test run.

We did. And rode a 130 mile round trip. Next day road in off and on showers.

Great you was able to get a ride in. Hate that it rained. We ran through a quick shower yesterday ourselves

After a wile you just roll with it. Had taken Rodie for a ride and video the ride. Had to cool it on the curbs wet roads . After the shoot I put him in the saddle bag to keep him dry. Little turkey went spread eagle on me, But I won. Vid and photos on there way. Darn I wish someone fixes the album thing.

Nice last purchases John. They'll make for a comfortable ride now that the sun is out.

Great add. I have both on my bike and love them.

Your going to really like the foot pegs. I have a set on my Strat. It is nice to move my feet around now and then.

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