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From the Mayor of Eureka Springs

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Some of us will be meeting up in Eureka Springs this June. Everyone is Welcome.




It's creeping up on us

Thanks for posting Edwins. Looking forward to getting there, riding, and meeting everyone

Yes, it is getting close. Will be nice to see some new roads.

Lucky Ducks!

Come on STEVE.... It will be more fun, NO DOCTORS this time..

Check all the saddle bags for loose bolts this time!

They are all grade A bolts. LOL


IF I only had the Air Fare .... Sounds like a very special place to visit or even live there .... Beautiful country and great roads ... Love it ....
Take Care & Ride Safe ....

Greg, there will be pics and videos from our trip in a couple weeks

It good to meet you. If you could make it over and got a bike we could pay your food and there are going to be some extra beds you could flop in

No steak and lobster though. My wallet ain't that fat

Mine either Valerie

I would chip in, I like STEAK and LOBSTER . I have flown in some from Maine on several occasions They were GOOD. Greg I got extra bikes

Hey Wayne, how would you feel about company around July 22 or so???? I promise not to eat all the steak and lobster.

I would like that we welcome any one that shows up here any time. What have you got in mind??

I'm leaving here the 16th and going to the red woods. Then up the cost to Astoria. then I thought I'd drop down by you for a day and then head up to Glacier NP and then work my way over to south 'dakota and then home. by the 30th cause I have to be back to work. Should be about a 6000mi ride but I never will get this much time off again so I'm going for it

Let me know when and where I'll meet up with you on 101 somewhere Cal. it's only 12-15 hrs from here. The Redwoods are about 20 hr at the most. Work sucks it get in the way of riding. I'm glad I don't have to work cause I'm the crack of nine guy.

I will probably be missing you maybe. I'm off the 17th. Depending on your timeline, might be able to meet you over on the coast in the morning around Crescent City. It is about 2.5 hours from me.
Wayne you are welcome to spend the night on running down to meet her. I work the 16th til 8:30 pm. Rochele would be home.

I may just do that.

Monday next week I will be arriving in Pasco WA, via Honolulu and Seattle!! Unfortunately for Wayne, I won't be getting into Pasco until about midnight. Going to be a very long haul ... but worth it :0))

Fly safe. Watch out for the guy next to you. He may steel your peanuts when your not looking Smiley-laughing

Peter,, I'll be waiting and your suite will be ready.. The sun gets up at 4:45 here. I get up at the crack of 9 or so.

Valerie ... anyone toucha my nuts I breaka their face !!

Vardy why via Honolulu and Seattle? Cheaper?

Peter, watch out for the lava

Steve ... yes it was ... at the time ... but deals change all the time. I looked at flying into San Francisco and catching a domestic flight to Pasco (return to SF). Worked out US$400 more expensive overall.

Everyone needs to call and confirm their reservations at the motel just to avoid any "surprises". Patt's surgery went well and she went back to work today. I'm wearing an ankle brace now. Man, I hate that boot. Wow, aren't I all sunshine and blue skies? No riding until Fall, ugh!!!!! We're still coming. We will poke around the Springs while you go riding, it's all good. Gonna head down to New Orleans and over to Florida afterwords. Ride Safe and Happy.

Glad to hear surgery went well. Sounds like your getting around pretty good Edwins

Glad your still coming. I called the guy sounded pissed that I used a travel site to book said something about it costing him money. To bad.... I'm looking forward to the ride and meeting up with ya'll

I emailed them and I have my booking confirmation number

Enjoy the riding over there you guys - I'll be thinking of you enjoying the sunshine and magnificant scenery while it is snowing here ..... Winter is starting to settle in and the Ski Fields are open as from last weekend - The Queens Birthday Holiday weekend is official opening for the season ..... The Ski Bunnies will be out and about as usual as will the moron drivers all racing to get the prime parking spots of a friday evening - highway patrol cops will be in force for the next 10 - 12 weeks around the area - BUT I will be rugged up to stave off the cold and maybe light the gas heater a few days too ... I hates winter with a passion ...
So, You Guys are having your long awated ridin' season - get out there and make the most of it ... ENJOY !!!
All Take Care & Ride Safe ....

Is it your normal opening time for skiing there? Our season this last winter was delayed by a good month or so due to lack of snow.

Certainly is - from Early June to end of September .... the Ski Bunnies are out in full force ... They have had a great start to the season, plenty of the white stuff - Best Start to the season for 18 years apparently, that will make the resorts happy, there is always heaps of traffic going past on the road out front of the property - it is the only road up & back from the north and every friday afternoon from around 3pm right through to sunday night travelling to & from the ski fields . Busy enough to warrant an extra 5 Highway Patrol cars out and about nabbing the drunks, druggies and speedsters - getting them fools off the roads is paramount with all the families during the school holidays here mid winter in August ...
I am going to try and get out a bit later in the season and get some piccys & maybe a video of the Snow country here for you guys ok ...
Cheers Randy - Ride Safe ....

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