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Megalong Valley Ride

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Glad you were able to get out.

Perfect day except for the mishap but all good both of us have sore left legs but no injuries. Bikes are good just our pride is a little shot now. Lession learnt.

Ray, did you and Paul hit the barrier? Bet that shook you guys up.

Steve it was on a very sharp bent 25kph and the barrier rail had been hit before half way around pushed in and that through Paul of and i was right behind him with no where to go.. Luckely no damage and injuries, a little sore and bruised and pissed off. Can't wait for next weekend.

Are you going back to tell it off?
Glad you guys are OK.

Thanks Steve. You would think they would repair the rail .

Glad you guys are okay. Looks like a nice area for a ride though.

Glad you guys are OK - It never pays to ride too close in the twisties for that very reason .... I can still remember running over a mate of mine just after I started riding legally on the road in 1970/1(?), anyway the mate was in front of me and we were hooking along about 45 - 50 mph in a 35mph zone and the mate jumped on the picks and hooked it left up a side street to avoid the cops up ahead, Consequently I did the same and followed his lead - trouble was, he low sided it into the left hander and threw the bike away - I was cranked hard left and not a thing I could do about it - I ran over him - across his left shoulder, because he was kissing the bitumen at the time - That was another fine mess he had gotten us into ... - Of course I blamed him for dumping the bike mid corner and told him he had better learn how to Slide the Damn Bike around a corner on his Knee .....
I was so glad that he was OK - but it scared the bejesus out of me at the time - as it did him too ... we headed off and had a couple of bourbons at a local (underage) PUB at the time .... had a good laugh about it and headed out for more adventure - albeit a lot more careful of our riding behavior (for a while anyway) ...
Lesson Learnt at a very young age - Never Forgotten either ...
Thanks for the Vid Terry ...
Cheers ...

Great story frosty

Ahh! Memories. A lot can be learnt from them.

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