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A few memories from the last little while set to appropriate music




Goodonya Len - good to see you back.

Its the done thing to yell out No way Get F@cked... F@ck off when the Angels are playing this song. But not sure how appropriate it might be right now.
Is this just memories In general? Or has some one past?
Hope things are all going Ok, Good to see you Len

Thanks for sharing Twig good to see ya back mate hope more often mate

lenny you made me cry and you made me smile al in 3min and 27 sec you bugger .See you in a few weeks and we will ave a port together and Phil can bye them .

Believe it or not Len, but I understand exactly what You were thinking doing this video....

Therefore I want to thank You a lot for sharing!!!!

Great tribute Len.
My heart is with you.

Nice video! Good job!

Nice Len. Faces are with you always and the good times. Another new year coming up so make the best of what comes along. Cheers MATE

Len, great to see you back on the site and thanks for sharing the video

Very cool!

Absolutely awesome mate. Well done and good to see you back.

Len, thank you for sharing some intimate memories. Hope they're with you always man. Take care, see you in March.

nice vid mate

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