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Mildura - Wrap Up

The Producers of this video wish to advise the two 'Bloody Idiots'in this video are not Phil Cole and Robin001.



hi guys!!! LOL!!!  i hope you had a wonderful time, wish I could have been there.

Well you both know what you are, and Iam glad that on meeting you both this was confrimed. What you pulled off in Mildura was a wonderful weekend for all who made the trip, and if we can get some of our Northern CCC members to come to Australia in 2013 that will truely be one big community of friends .

thanks boys

Of course they are...... LOL!

I'm planning on making that trip, BUT I AM NOT GETTING THE ANSWER TO # 4 FROM KYLE BY GOD, someone send me a crib sheet

Whats up with that crooked shelf behind ya,

Thanks AL. for even making me look good. In 2013 I will prove that statement SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong, LOL

Bloody marvelous !! I'll check into gettin' you two an Oscar nomination !!Laughing

damn fine meetin so many oZ members finally, ol Lucky57 told me his longest ride prior to comin to Mildura was 100ks, reckons theres nowhere to go over Reckon Dim will invest in some real wet gear now an Adam isn't a god after all, he had to don his jacket in the blustery cold. 

oh an by the way talkin about wearin womans underwear, it sounds to me like the 2 idiots in the vid are not prone to this habit, all i can say is get with it boys a g-string is much more comfartable on the bike than anything else, damn forgot my pink frilly thermals.

as for saturday night, i was just following the leader, being one of the idiots in this vid an the bloody barman was mixin em damn strong, half a glass whiskey an top er up with coke....good night, great fun, great ppl lookin foward to Bathurst already or maybe even a mini cc meet sometime soon.

Haven't seen the Vid yet but Coz and I are going to Bathurst tourism tomrrow when we head up to her mothers..... and if we don't get to her place I'll ensure we get the tourist info! lol (Hope Coz isn't on  the site...he he he) It's all about priorities....maybe should do a Phil....take separate vehicles.

C'mon. Load already!!!! I want to see what those bloody idiots have done!

You guys get the 55555+ rating and then some!  You did a fantastic job and sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves.  I have been thoroughly enjoying all the pics, vids and Dim's excellent work as 'scribe'!  That girl has writing talents.  I might be mistaken but in this video, was that a bit of a slam against Copperguy?  Or was it Al?  Hmmmm!LOL.  Very funny guys.  Thanks for the great coverage!


There I was thinking I was useless...and then I find I DO have value! I make Copperguy look GOOD> Holy crap!

You guys are so entertaining!!  I've enjoyed all the pics and Dim's great writing on Mildura.  So here's the plan, if FB & I win the lottery big time, we are definitely in for the next one!!

The shelf? It was level till Rob in his drunken stupor lent on it.. this was as far as we could get it to go back. Rob told me he only has one or two drinks....I found out he counts in DOZENS! 1= 1 dozen, 2 =2 dozen etc

I'm glad you didn't mention Dim did the boot scootin...naked.......

bloody idiots

Rob,  did you hear that???  This dougie59 bloke called us both bloody idiots.  Who teh hell is he any way??

The video was right.  The next CC rally is in Bathurst in 2012  not 2013.

We are going to the USA in 2013.

Thanks you!

Well done, send me a ticket i,ll be there.

Bloody dougie59. He tried to kill me earlier this week. I have been flat on my back in agony all day. LOL

Rob, it won't hurt as much when you get used to

BLOODY AWESOME wrap up guys, glad you all had a blast!!!!

well done guys. Now you have to release some videos from the parties at night Laughing

So Uwe, those videos are R rated and would be flagged in an instance. LOL

great video, you guys done well

You've watered down the term


so it doesn't quite cover it anymore...

Boot scooting? On the bar? Naked? WTF

Well if it's all coming out now guys, I guess I have to admit it... after all, a dare is a dare - I told you if you did it first then I'd have a turn.

Problem is they couldn't get Phil, Rob and Al off the bar once they got started!!

nice rap up guys , sounds like y'all all had a blast , but now i have to look up and find out what question 4 is on a visa. great job, good times good friends what more could one want.

i admitted WHAT........................if it wasnt so true I would be strenuously denying everything you said.

Great Job guys!!

Keep it up & you're likely to be signed up for a regular weekly talk show ........ like Opra ......

I got to think that Dim's story is more likly on the dance on the bar story

Nice to see you two old bludgers on the vid! Rob and me have already talked on Skype, but at last I can see what Phill the pill looks like. Keep taking them Phill,miracles can happen!

Copper, what are you saying???????

cobcon, my pills are designed for making miricales happen.  I will send you a large supply.

SurprisedPhill you look good in green.. I really like all the videos..thanks.. Did a great job. Cool

Great wrap-up! 

Not bad from a couple of bloody idiots.

We've established that they are not Phil and Rob, so who are they?????

wat a pair of bloody idiots

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