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Montana 2017, Going through the smoke.

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I'm hoping MacDonald lake Lodge didn't burn. Sperry, a 100 and some year old lodge did. It's been a tough forest fire season in the western States and Canada.



Great vid JJ. Well done. Great views, only marred by the smoke and some burned timber.

Nice video, I have been to Waterton with Randy . Looks like you had a great time even with the smoke.

Beautiful vid JJ... Is the water too cold for you to take a swim??? LOL

Nice roads, beautiful views and great way of using different angles to produce this vid. Thanks for the ride....

Hi, Gert. I did swim, but I'm the guy with the camera. I don't get many pics of myself.

A bit of smoke. Unlike down here for the last month in the valley, the visibility was not much more than a mile. Was going to ride to Mt. Ashland yesterday afternoon when we had a bit of blue sky in Medford, but just as I got to the south side of Medford I could not see Mt Ashland, normally can, thus turned north and road some local roads.

Between bushfires and Hurricanes the US is definetly getting its share of horrible weather. nice to see you were able to still get out and enjoy, nice pics thanks JJ. stay safe.

Excellent video JJ. Fantastic views and scenery. Without the smoke it would have been breathtaking.
Loved the camera angles especially forward and reverse helmet cam.

I'm with Raymond. We are getting hammered this year.
Nice vid to bad for the smoke.

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