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The Most Badass V8 Muscle Bikes Video Ever!

Watch as two competing garages take V8 car engines out of Muscle Cars and shove them into motorcycles. Each episode ends at the drag strip where they unleash the power of their supercharged machines. 


That's just insane!!!!

Cool ort1z. But I don't think there'll be one under the tree

bigger is always better. Not sure where the limit is. 700hp on 2 wheels? You'll probably spend more money on tires than gas ...

Hope their show will get picked up by a TV network, they posted back on July about it:

Or they should just put it on the web, I would definitely watch it.

I was going to make the same comment about tyre wear Uwe. I mean, if you've got the power, you might as well flaunt it. Certainly don't seem to twist the throttle too hard to smoke it up.

i believe thats all a small man syndrome...

cantbelieve 800hp on a bike. 450 in my chevelle was enough for me. awsome tho

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