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The Motorbike Song

Watch on Youtube

This clip is by a new artist, James Kenyon and is filmed around Melbourne and  country Victoria.



What a great song and vid Tony, never heard from the artist before but I'm sure I'll go to YouTube to find some more of his songs. Thanks for posting this vid!

A boppy little song.
Thanks Tony!

Cool music and video.

Superb, gave me a real sense of freedom and relaxation...into favourites

Very cool vid and song !
Thanks for posting Tony !

Very cool!!

An artist with a great taste in motorcycle. Cool song and video.

if anybody had any doubt about why Australia is called the 'wide brown land' ... this clip should settle any doubt!!

Not all of it is like that. I've seen videos claiming to be from there that show it is not all like that.

great video

No not all of it is like that, but during the summer, the vast majority is like it.

hmmm, ok, that was different!

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