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up on the mountain (kinda of)

Watch on Vimeo

Road up above the valley floor on 1/3/18 to roughly 2200 feet or so, valley floor is around 1500 feet.  Watch the vid towards the end to see the deer.  Yes the time has been put in correctly now for my new camera and next time I'm on the Rebel the camera will be on the chest mount, the only vibration free area on the Rebel.


Own Video: 


Nice little ride. At least you know your new camera works.

Nice vid Randy. It's a shame about the vibration. A problem for all of us video makers.
Have you tried the stabilization on power director?

Yeah I tend to forget about it. I just thought the Rebel felt like it was at a sporting event and is practicing the wave.

Saw the deer running... good it stayed besides the road! Nice little vid Randy and... the camera did his job, it works... I don’t see much snow. When was the last time they opened the ski tracks, I mean... when was the last winter it was possible to go out skiing because there are some possibilties nearby when there is enough snow, isn’t it?

Gert this is the local mountain up behind town call Roxy Ann Peak,, just a few miles from my house. Our local ski resort is 30 miles from Medford, it is around 6700 feet in elevation. Last winter the ski resort was open by the 2nd weekend in December and had plenty of snow all winter.

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