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Must Sell 2009 Fat Bob

49477 mi, LED Headlamp, LED tail lamp, 2up Mustang seat, good tires, fluids changed at 49000 with Screaming Eagle Syn 3, Some markes on pipes, Holes in rails from previous back rest. Asking $5500


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It would be great if you could ship it down here. Something like this would be 15K down here. Good luck with the sale!

Who's ride is it. Looks nice, as Steve said would cost a lot more here. Good luck with the sale.

Should sell fast at that price.

Ray, it was my son's. He's not ridding anymore for whatever reason and he needs to sell it. You guys should buy it and ship it over. You could maybe make yourself a little side money Smiley-laughing

An '09 Fat Bob for under AUD$8K !! Can only dream of prices like that.

Peter you need another Fat Bob!!!

If it had a sissy bar, rack and bags I would consider it for our June trip and sell it when we leave (or ship it home)

It's got the rack. Smiley-laughing

I expect you could buy what you wanted and have it shipped to me. I would install it for you. Then comes the hard part. You would have to fly in here to pick up the bike and I will not be here after the 18th cause I am going to sturgis before going to yellowstone. and as good as I am, I cant ride 2 bikes at once. LOL

That's really low priced, here about the same will cost somewhere around €10.000,-! No rides together anymore Val. Last year I think you did just one ride together so it wasn't that often anymore... When he doesn't use it, it's maybe the best choise to sell, you already talked about it last year...

Yes, He has been on and off with it for some time. But now that he has his Jeep he just does not ride it at all so it's time to go...

He got a JEEP that right there is the problem

What size motor is it Val?

96 cu in

Steve this is not one of those sofa bikes that might be something to consider for your wife. It sure does get down and dig on curvy roads though and will cruse all day if that's what you ask it to do. It has that wonderful 6th gear that I wish my sporty had.

Neither is my VTX Val, and we have done 80,000 klms on it. It has the same mustang seat on it as the VTX and they are real comfy.

It sold.... Yahooooooo. Now I have more money to play!!!!

That didnt take long Val, well done

Congrats Val, well done and like Spratty commented, that didn't take long time....

Happy it went to an old Vet. that will treat it well

Good result!

Very happy for you Valerie ... well done! Extra $$$ for extra time on the road.

I'm trying to sell a 10 yo Subaru Impreza that is surplus to our family requirements. Totally OVER low-balling tyre kickers and people who make appointments to view the car but never show up or message to say they're not coming ... and so on. Will be glad when this "selling process" is over!

I can relate to that Peter. I get nervous with the people coming to look cause you never know what they have got in their minds. They may hit the old lady on the head and steal the thing. I am so close to the boarder that it would be striped and shipped before I could finish filling out the police report. We hear about those things all the time. I got lucky and everyone who came was very nice.

Yep ... there's that dark side too ... thieves and scammers !!

Congrats Val. That didn't take long at all.

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