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MY Clown Car

Val and I running around in hte Smurf car. Kathy taking the video.



Own Video: 




Would like to have been a fly on the wall listen to the conversation of them getting in that thing.

That was cool!. It is in great nick for $0. Does it have reverse?
You and Val could have races with the golf car!

That is awesome & the kids will love it
Just as much as you do
Thanks for the video

It's really fun

That was fun to watch ... would love to have seen you get out of it LOL !!!!

Getting out was not pretty. You kind of have to fall out like the Z O7 Corvette. It is a little fun to ride around the block in. Every time I do someone wants to buy it.

You should have read the washing instructions. Your Can-Am shrunk.

Clowns and clown car. LOL.

You'll have to cut a hole into the passenger floorboard, make a hinge door out of it so I'll be take a ride in it when I come up and visit. Although I can save you the trouble as I can still get my knees up around my chin if I really need to. It looks like the Smurf car is even smaller than these autos.

Half that size. if your over 5.9 -5.10 your never going to get in it.

Like I said Wayne, I'll just have to have my knees up by my chin.

Well, it is different for sure - Be ok to get the milk & bread from the shops in ... Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Drive Safe ...

I have it to 30 mph. This thing is just a little scarry

Yes, clowns are scarry. About all he can get in that is milk and bread, not much room for anything else.

That was quite a ride. Thanks for sharing Wayne, Valerie, and Kathy.

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