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My Family

Just to much time on my hands today


Hello from FRANCE

You had better send him back to get them tubes cut I remember mine 10 minutes and your ready to go home.

Keep the grey coming long and slow


hey thats real nice m8 thanx for introing yr family

We did get a second vasectomy i think it work this time

Did I count right................5!!??  Great video, I can see you are a very proud mom and you should be, your kids are so cute!

5 !!! You've got more nerve than me ! Great family Angelique and congrats on the newest addition !!

great vid , and a bunch of fine kids... enjoy them now while they are young , they grow up way to fast !!! thanks for sharing...

So nice to meet your family.....very cute kids

cool cilp like the music you chose!!!

Nice job! Looks like a happy family.

nice vid,the kids are cuties

Nice intro to your healthy lookin kids, the old man doesn't look like he's suffering either! lol

Great job on the video.

You are one great Lady, Hope the other, understands your needs to ride, and gives you a break now and then. Geat Family Photo Intro.

Ride Safe as always: And Often.

Nice family and nice bike.  Regarding the Vasectomy I found out that: "The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists state there is a generally agreed upon rate of failure of about 1 in 2000 vasectomies" (Wikipedia).  You just were lucky.  On the other hand, children ar such a blessing.

Also, you really are very brave to have so many kids.  I tell you that if we men just experience the pain of child birth, there wouldn't be so many people in the world.

Great little vid Ange. Rev that throttle and get some blacktop under those tyres

Nice video..thanks for showing your cute family to usLaughing

Take care mom and ride safe when you can


Great Job, Beautiful family!!


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