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my favorite jacket


Very much East Rider styling Jan Dirk, there is a lot of good reasons to like that jacket because it is a biker's jacket.

Love that look 20 years old. Goes to show they used to make things to last

If I survived two accidents, it would be my favorite as well. Well done JD

That is one nice jacket JanDirk. Don't see many at all these days so I Googled to see if they are still available.
There are some great styles available.

That's a great site Tezza. Nice clothes they have.

Well damned JanDirk. I think if you knew a bit earlier about the link Terry posted, you would have bought your new jacket at that company instead of the jacket you bought a few months ago..... You're happy with your new jacket, otherwise you wouldn't have bought it, but this link shows what you really wanted!!!!

Very Cool jacket Jan Dirk !
I do agree with you, never mind what others might think or say about that one ! COOL and Nice it is ! Smiley-laughing

If I was to go back to leather jackets to ride in that would be the style. Also have a pair of long leather whips hanging off the handlebars, detachable so I could wrap them across the windshield of cell phone drivers.

Good one Jan. Leather jackets are long lasting and tough

Great looking jacket Jan Dirk. 20 years old and still looks new.

It is a great jacket and I enjoyed the video.
Will you be making a second part to this video?

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