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My favorite pet.............. Month Contest Video


Very excellent.He's a beautiful dog and smart too I think. He is not afraid of running by the bike like that. Many dogs I think would try to run farther , away or bump into you knocking you over. Good Dog...

Really nice. Valerie is right he's beautiful. You sure he didn't wear you out? Lol

Very nice video.thanks for sharing

Good DOG... No smoke breaks for Gert. I don't believe I could pedal that fast or that long.

And he´s well-mannered too... He ALWAYS answer to your "Googbye" by barking back!!!


Yes, I think he understands you Marek and I'm sure he knows your voice because he was your friend right at the moment you saw him for real the first time a few months ago! Smart dog!!!

A beautiful dog Gert and a nice tribute.

Great tribute and a very beautiful dog.

I would not have him running beside the bike, I would have him pulling me. That way I don't have to go as far for him to get a work out and I don't wear out myself. Wouldn't it be great to keep them small as puppies. So much more fun during that time.

Another nicely done video. He's a dog even Betsy would like. I never seen any thing like that attachment on your bicycle. Different .

That looks like disaster waiting to happen lol

He's used to it, not to disasters, but running besides the bike Dennis!

Well done Gert. Smiley-laughing
Ibor looks cool and he is for sure a Nice dog and friend to you !
Thanks for sharing ! Smiley-laughing

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