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My life now...

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It´s dark outside... It´s dark inside me too...



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That's cool vid. I have never been on a bus before (except the school bus many years ago

Good to see you back. Guess you've been working a lot. Liked the video and music. Talk to you soon. Take care my friend

Good to see you. A working class hero. I remember being that once. Lets see what 2018 has up its sleeve.

Awesome video Marek been a while since we saw one mate.

Looks a bit like my life, but my shift is 5:00 AM to 12:35 PM monday to friday.

It may not be bike related, but I loved it. As I keep saying, you need to be in the movie business. One of these days I'll get busy or should say unbusy and make some vids that I still have on the cameras from this summer. Current busy project is refinishing my nightstand and our 2 dressers. Oh yeah, there is that thing called work that takes up 46 hours of my week.

Wow mate
Thanks for the drive.
I hope you get some ride time soon

Yes Polssken, you need to be in the movie business

Good to see you my friend. Coolbus driving vid.

Merek, Your vids are always top notch. you should offer lessons.

WOW !! Glad to see you are OK. Working sucks but every one gets to do it. Except ME I am golden and retired. Thanks for the Bus ride. I have not been on a bus for over 13 years. I got to repair them that was way too much fun. Take care Marek

Merek, I wish you brighter days. I think it would be great if you come and visit Randy. Perhaps next June?

I can relate to your meaning of the video, seems like there should be more to this all. I think we all have these times in life, some more than others. I'm going through the same so your not alone my friend. You just gotta know that by the responses here, there is those that actually care about you and wish nothing but the best, even though they may have not ever met you in person. What ever your troubles, just keep in mind that life has equal parts bad and good, and don't be scared to ask for help or support. Sometimes using your art of video is a way of speaking out, we have heard you, we care, and we are your friends, and your not alone Merek........

When one is able to watch a short story video, and you come out of it feeling what the author was feeling without a single word being spoken, that's talent not many have. I can say for myself I was fully engulfed in the overpowering effect you Merek, were able to portray. Very VERY well done.....

Well said Todd.

Great vid Marek, you have to tell me how you took the shot from beside the bus! Well done, I know you don’t want to show us a easy production because it always has to be perfect in your opinion. I would say, WTF!!! You can also expres yourself in a simple shot but.... Haha.... that’s not your way to do it...

Great production, wonderful how you first find the music and after that you take the shots to add the vid. Most of the time I work the other way around, first the shots and after that I try to find what I think it’s mayching music.

Nice words Todd!

Thanks for showing a bit of your usual days Marek. Glad it’s not only this you can show about your days, but I know it’s a big part of the time you can spend a week...

Gert, I suspect he put the bus into auto mode, climbed into the compartment on the side, and hung outside of it shooting free hand like he does on the bike. LOL Or he has found a wonderful suction cup mounting device.

And if I videoed in or the bus in Calgary, I would be enjoying a early retirement.

Marek what Todd said... awesome vid mate, made me feel for you brother take care and may brighter horizons lay ahead for you.

I understand you Marek. You are the master.

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