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My Luggage rack

The finished Indian luggage rack. Took the powder coat guys 6weeks. They have a two week policy so I got it coated for FREE..



Own Video: 





Very cool and not another like it which makes it even cooler any very unique.

Looks great

Damn Wayne, that's one hell of a job. As Randy said not another one like it

Holy smokes Wayne!!! That's fantastic!!! Wish I was your neighbor!!

Now, come up with all sorts of stories for when somebody asks where you bought it.

Edwin, please don't encourage him, he already has enough stories without making up some. Trust me.

I found it in the back of my 1 ton. What a cool find.

And exactly what did you find in the back of the 1 ton? Maybe the idea for your rack came from there. Or was some of the material in the back of the truck? What appears to be junk to one person is another person's treasure or creation of art.

It was $8.00 of junk iron.


Big benefit of doing it yourself, nobody has the same and it realy looks great!

Great job Wayne.

too cool for words ... except "unique"! Great craftsmanship Wayne!

Thanks , Keeps me out of the taverns but not out of the fridge..Just something fun to do..

Very unique!! Great job!!

Vardy you may be riding this one. I need to give the 07 Stratoliner a good tune and valve adjust. I should re spring the rear shock also. I need to get the ECU re flashed for more HP and Torque and a little higher RPM..Just so you can have a bit of fun if you chose to ride it.
BILL, Thanks. You really getting C90T that will be fun.

I haven't made a final decision yet Wayne. I'm going to see how much they will give on a trade and go from there.

You will be liking the HP and torque compared to the C50T. I had a C50T before I got a Stratoliner. GOOD LUCK..

Thanks Wayne ... but don’t do it for my benefit (LOL) ... I’m happy with standard power settings. Unfamiliar bike, unfamiliar roads, riding on the “other side” of the road !! I think I’ll be taking it easy ... for the first few hundred miles at least !!

SHHHH !!!! DON'T tell Kathy, I am telling her it's for you. HE HE HE. Just being sneaky . The bike does have a throttle to control all that power and fun.

Hmmm ... my problem is that there is a broken wire somewhere between my brain and my throttle hand ... the latter has a wilful mind of its own !

GREAT well get along very nicely. I seem to have the very same defect. I my warranty has expired years ago..

When does the Production line start full swing ? Any Orders Yet ? Somebody will want one for sure ....
Excellent Job Wayne - Smiley-laughing

I have been asked to make more but that will cut into my play time. I value it more than work.It was only 15 hr and about $60 to make. I am kind of lazzzzy too.. I like making the stuff just for fun.

Hey Wayne - Geeez, Can't have the Play Time Interupted - That's a Big NO-NO !!! I wish I had a better place to biuld stuff and the equip to do it too ... One' off's are Special !!! Smiley-laughing

Thanks I have a good time fabing up stuff for me or other guys that don't have the ability. They like to just watch and keep the beer flowing. Plus it gets really really deep around the shop. Some of the stories are amazing as you know every word is TRUE..

I can attest to that in person, that is why I wear my boots ALL the time when visiting Wayne.

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