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My new bike arrived home...

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Own Video: 


Looks great Gert ...will serve you well, I'm sure ... and that Mustang seat looks very comfortable

That is a great looking bike I really like the ghost flames and the shinny chrome. You can here those pipes sound good..Have a great time riding ..

That's one sweet looking and sounding bike my friend!! Now for Spring to get here.

Black, chrome. flames, and shinny. Good looking ride

Great looking bike Gert, enjoy and ride safe.

Beautiful bike, Gert! I’ve put Mustang seats on a couple of my bikes, including the Valkyrie; MUCH more comfortable than the stock seats. Enjoy the new ride!

Wow! Congratulations Gert
I just watch your video on my TV.
It looks and sounds beautiful.
Ive never seen factory ghosts flames on a bike before they real make the black paint pop.
Enjoy your new ride

Great Looking Bike!!!

Very nice, now to start adding the personal touches.

Nearly done Randy.... few more items to go. Tommorow I get my new Saddlebags... in a few days my ordered luggage rack will arrive and I have to instal my highway pegs... that’s all. So.... nearly done....

Have you transferred all your camera mounts already? Does this one have a battery tender on it?

Looks in excellent condition Gert. I bet you can hardly wait to take it for a ride.

Yes Randy, two chargers “on board”...

Spratty, I am... but the weather conditions say no....

I found out the other day when taking of the starter relay that the Rebel had to battery tender outlets on it. I took one off as it only needs one. Might put it on the Bird.

Great stuff Gert !
May spring come soon ! Smiley-laughing

Very Nice Gert - I like the Ghost Flames - Looks a bit lighter than the Big Red .... I do hope MANY kilometers of happy riding Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe -
Greg (frostbite)
PS - Check out the Vid I have posted (or Link to Vid anyway ...)

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